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Beautiful Land - Morgan le Fay

Beautiful Land by Morgan le Fay

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Morgan le Fay are: Brereton Preen (vocals/guitar) Ian 'Fastboy' Robinson (accordion).
They are joined on this CD by Cameron Smith (keyboards/vocals), Paul G Taylor (drums), Steve Robinson (bass) and Mike Swindale (violin). 

This 10-track album offers an exciting mix of the group's unique and eclectic sound. Bringing together the songwriting talents of Brereton Preen and Cameron Smith, Beautiful Land showcases the ability and originality that is so evident in their live performances. Once again, Brereton Preen, a distinguished songsmith with an eye for the lyric and an ear for the tune, presents an ever-changing tapestry of songs.

In his singular, solo guise Brereton Preen has worked with the likes of Boo Hewerdine, America's Cathy Ryan and Canada's October Browne.

Inspired by such luminaries as the legendary Gram Parsons, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash together with more modern day contemporaries like the Go Betweens and REM, Morgan le Fay produce irresistible, organic and earthy acoustic tones. An invigorating blend of ambient, pop, folk and country is lovingly underpinned by an unashamed reliance on significant vocals, guitars, pianos, fiddles and accordions.


Track Listing: New Religion, The Catscratch Crown, Somewhere There's A Light, Queen of the Backstage, These Guys, Come Shine or Summer Rain, Put on the Breaks, Diabolical Mimicry, Sandshoes, Father Song




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